Installing and Running the Development Version

The devstack directory contains the files necessary to integrate Murano with Devstack.

Enabling in Devstack

  1. Download DevStack:

    git clone
    cd devstack
  2. Edit local.conf to enable murano devstack plugin:

    > cat local.conf
    enable_plugin murano git://
  3. If you want Murano Cloud Foundry Broker API service enabled, add the following line to local.conf:

    enable_service murano-cfapi
  4. (Optional) To import Murano packages when DevStack is up, define an ordered list of packages FQDNs in local.conf. Make sure to list all package dependencies. These packages will by default be imported from the murano-apps git repository.



    You can also use the variables MURANO_APPS_REPO and MURANO_APPS_BRANCH to configure the git repository which will be used as the source for the imported packages.

  5. Install DevStack: