Murano TroubleShooting and Debug Tips

During installation and setting environment of new projects you can run into different problems. This section intends to reduce the time spent on the solution of these problems.

Problems during configuration

Log location

Murano is a multi component project, there several places where logs could be found.

The location of the log file completely depends on the setting in the config file of the corresponding component. log_file parameter points to the log file, and if it’s omitted or commented logging will be sent to stdout.

Possible problem list

  • murano-db-manage failed to execute
    • Check connection parameter in provided config file. It should be a connection string.
  • Murano Dashboard is not working
    • Make sure, that script was executed and murano file located in enabled folder under openstack_dashboard repository.
    • Check, that murano data is not inserted twice in the settings file and as a plugin.

Problems during deployment

Besides identifying errors from log files, there is another and more flexible way to browse deployment errors - directly from UI. After Deploy Failed status is appeared navigate to environment components and open Deployment History page. Click on the Show details button located at the corresponding deployment row of the table. Then go to the Logs tab. You can see steps of the deployments and the one that failed would have red color.

  • Deployment freeze after Begin execution: problem with connection between Murano Agent and spawned instance.
  • Need to check transport access to the virtual machine (check router has gateway).
  • Check for rabbitMq settings: verify that agent has been obtained valid rabbit parameters. Go to the spawned virtual machine and open /etc/murano/agent.conf or C:MuranoAgentagent.conf on Windows-based machine. Also, you can examine agent logs, located by default at /var/log/murano-agent.log The first part of the log file will contain reconnection attempts to the rabbit - since the valid rabbit address and queue have not been obtained yet.
  • Check that driver option is set to messagingv2
  • Check that linux image name is not starts with ‘w’ letter
  • [exceptions.EnvironmentError]: Unexpected stack state NOT_FOUND - problem with heat stack creation, need to examine Heat log file. If you are running the deployment on a new tenant check that the router exists and it has gateway to the external network.
  • Router could not be created, no external network found - Find external_network parameter in config file and check that specified external network is really exist via UI or by executing openstack network list –external command.
  • NoPackageForClassFound: Package for class io.murano. Environment is not found - Check that murano core package is uploaded. If no, the content of meta/io.murano folder should be zipped and uploaded to Murano.