Welcome to Murano Documentation

Murano is an open source OpenStack project that combines an application catalog with versatile tooling to simplify and accelerate packaging and deployment. It can be used with almost any application and service in OpenStack.

Murano project consists of several source code repositories:

  • murano - is the main repository. It contains code for Murano API server, Murano engine and MuranoPL.
  • murano-agent - agent which runs on guest VMs and executes deployment plan.
  • murano-dashboard - Murano UI implemented as a plugin for OpenStack Dashboard.
  • python-muranoclient - Client library and CLI client for Murano.

This documentation guides application developers through the process of composing an application package to get it ready for uploading to Murano.

Besides the deployment rules and requirements, it contains information on how to manage images, categories, and repositories using the murano client that will surely be helpful for cloud administrators.

It also explains to end users how they can use the catalog directly from the dashboard. These include guidance on how to manage applications and environments.

And it provides information on how to contribute to the project.


Deploying Murano and Contibuting guides are under development at the moment. The most recently updated information is published as the BETA version of the Murano documentation.

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