Uploading HOT templates to the Application Catalog

Murano is an Application catalog which intends to support applications, defined in different formats. As a first step to universality, heat orchestration template support was added. It means that any heat template could be added as a separate application into the Application Catalog. This could be done in two ways: manual and automatic.

Automatic package composing

Before uploading an application into the catalog, it should be prepared and archived. Murano command line will do all preparation for you. Just choose the desired Heat Orchestration Template and perform the following command:

murano package-create  --template wordpress/template.yaml

Note, that optional parameters could be specified:

–name:Application name, copied from template by default
–logo:Application square logo, by default heat logo will be used
–description:Text information about an application, by default copied from template
–author:Name of application author, by default is set to
–output:Name of the output file archive to save locally
–full-name:Fully qualified domain name - domain name that specifies exact application location


To performing this command python-muranoclient should be installed in the system

As the result, application definition archive will be ready for an uploading.

Manual package composing

Application package could be composed manually. Follow the 5 steps below.

  • Step 1. Choose the desired heat orchestration template

  • Step 2. Rename it to template.yaml

  • Step 3. Prepare application logo (optional step)

    It could be any picture associated with the application.

  • Step 4. Create manifest.yaml file

    All service information about the application is contained here. Specify the following parameters:

    Format:Defines application definition format; should be set to Heat.HOT/1.0
    Type:Defines manifest type, should be set to Application
    FullName:Unique name which will be used to identify the application in Murano Catalog
    Description:Text information about an application
    Author:Name of application author or company
    Tags:Keywords, associated with the application
    Logo:Name of the application logo file

Take a look at the example:

Format: Heat.HOT/1.0
Type: Application
FullName: io.murano.apps.linux.Wordpress
Name: Wordpress
Description: |
 WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.
  This template installs a single-instance WordPress deployment using a local
  MySQL database to store the data.
Author: 'Openstack, Inc'
Tags: [Linux, connection]
Logo: logo.png
  • Step 5. Create a zip archive, containing specified files( template.yaml, manifest.yaml, logo.png)

Package uploading

After application package is ready, it can be uploaded to the catalog in two ways:

  • Using murano CLI

    During uploading, it’s required to provide category, that application belongs to. To browse all available categories preform:

    murano category-list

    Specify any suitable category and path to the application archive.

    murano package-import --category=Web wordpress.zip
  • Using Murano Dashboard

    Package uploading is available for admin users at Murano -> Manage -> Packages page.


    After that, application is available in the Catalog and could be selected for a deployment.


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